Procedure of Rhinoplasty with surgical guide is as follow:

First step:  Patient's  face will be scanned by highly advanced 3D scanner.

Second Step: Consultation session in which a professional surgeon, a graphic designer and patient will attend takes place.In this session your ideal nose shape will be designed. Patients could see his/her after surgery nose in 3D.

Third Step: Our expert engineers will analyze the face base of golden face ratio. Tarah Teb Center will analyses the face base of golden face ratio.

Fourth Step: In this stage the surgical guide which is unique to every patient will be produced by 3D printer.

Fifth Step: Prior to surgery the surgical guides and related analysis will be examined by surgeon to ensure all is in order

Sixth Step: Surgery will begin and in each part of the surgery the surgeon examines the nose shape with surgical guides to ensure the patient will have his/her ideal nose shape and the surgery will end only when the nose match with surgical guides completely.