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When we speak of beauty, our mind may first think about nature and its beauties, but next, it surely thinks about people’s appearance and beauty.

We cannot deny this fact that even beauty may be not important for some people, but it is pleasant for all the people. Given that human likes beauty intrinsically, a market has been created in this area. Nose job is one of the important parts of this market which can be problematic or desirable.

By doing an easy search, we can get that Iran is one of the main places for nose job because of several reasons including, cultural, psychological, and ethnic reasons. Ethnic reasons mean that noses in Iran are larger than noses in other places like Europe, so that the rate of rhinoplasty is higher in Iran.

Becoming familiar with nose job methods, can help people who want to do this surgery to see available choices and make a better decision.

In this article, nose job methods and the newest methods for rhinoplasty will be discussed.

There are two methods for the nose job procedure; open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty methods

Closed rhinoplasty: In this method, the surgery is being done through nostrils, and there would not be any incisions on the skin surface. Also, in this method, the wall between two nostrils, named Columella, is not touched by the surgeon and will be remained intact. Closed rhinoplasty is more suitable for meaty noses which cannot be changed a lot.

Open rhinoplasty: In this method, the surgeon incises the Columella skin and the skin below the nostrils, so that he can elevate the nose skin and change the nose’s bone. In the end, the skin is put back on its place and will be sutured. This method helps the surgeon to get access to nose structures including nose bone, cartilage, and soft tissue, so that the surgeon can apply all the changes he wants.

You should consider that the incising of nostrils is not related to open or closed rhinoplasty, rather it is related to the size of nostrils; it means if nostrils are big and resizing is necessary, there is no other way except incising of nostrils, even if the surgery is done by closed method.

Pros and cons of each rhinoplasty method

In closed rhinoplasty, there is a concession that the nose skin is not incised, so that the surgery time length and restoration time is short. Also, in this method nose swelling is less in comparison to open rhinoplasty. However, in this method, the surgeon cannot change the nose a lot.

In open rhinoplasty, there is a concession that the surgeon can access the nose structures and apply the changes he wants. However, in this method as mentioned before the nose swelling is more and the restoration time is longer. The other concession of this method is that the asymmetry of two nasal sides is not considerable.

Which rhinoplasty method is better?

Saying which method is better completely depends on the patient’s condition and the surgeon’s skill, and it is better to say which method is more suitable rather than better. Some surgeons are more expert in closed rhinoplasty, and some others are more skillful in open method. On the other hand, the condition of patient’s may be in a way that one method is more suitable. However, the patient can choose whatever methods that he/she wants because the desirability of surgery more than anything else depends on the surgeon’s skill. In general, open rhinoplasty is more acceptable among surgeons and people, and the use of this method is expanding.

The right time for nose job

The right time for doing nose job is after completion of nasal bone growth that the final nose shape is formed. Consequently, it is after the age of 17 for girls and after 18 for boys.

The restoration time after nose job

The least hospitalization time after surgery is 24 hours that can be changed based on the surgeon’s decision. The nose will be set with a splint for 7 to 14 days, and every week it should be washed by the physician or a nurse. The nose inflammation will be disappeared after 6 to 8 months, and the final shape of the nose will be formed.

The newest rhinoplasty method in the world

Considering the popularity of nose job in the world, especially in Iran, false advertisements in this area is expanding. Every day we hear lots of rumors about new methods for rhinoplasty, but they are not true and applicable. There are only two methods for rhinoplasty as we mentioned before, but for open rhinoplasty items are becoming more professional.

Nose job with surgical guides

With the development of cosmetic surgery, some services are provided to make the surgery ideal. To point these services we can mention surgical guides and three-dimensional scan.

Stages of rhinoplasty with surgical guides

First, a 3d scan of your face will be provided. Next, based on this 3d image, a template made of plastic will be produced and accompanied by the surgeon during surgery.

In the second stage, during surgery, the surgeon checks the nose form and changes it based on the template which is named surgical guide. These surgical guides are actually devices to control the surgery process, and the surgeon will continue the surgery until the nose matches with them.

The final stage is the period after surgery, and we should wait until nose inflammation disappears and nose final shape is formed. This course usually lasts from 6 to 12 months. As time passes, the nose inflammation decreases and the nose becomes natural.

Nose job by laser!

You may also have heard about nose job by laser, but you should know that there is no such thing until now. What is known as nose job by laser is, in fact, polishing the nose to remove scars and wounds from the nose skin.

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