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Five tips before rhinoplasty

Each cosmetic surgery can have a tremendous effect on your beauty. Meanwhile, the rhinoplasty or nose job can change your face a lot. With rhinoplasty, you can modify every characteristic of your nose, which is not suitable to you or make your face unbalanced. Although this surgery, as mentioned before, has several advantages, you should consider some tips before applying for it.

In this article, you can find out about five tips that you should consider before applying or serious decisions for rhinoplasty.

What changes do I desire?

It is really important that you have a thought about which changes you desire before any decision for rhinoplasty. If you don’t know for sure that what you want, having a consultation with a surgeon can help you understand your needs and come up with a plan for your surgery. Most of the people who apply for rhinoplasty have had problems with their appearance for a long time. They are often unsatisfied with the size, shape, and structure of their nose. Some common problems that make patients seek rhinoplasty include a nose that is too big, too small, too pointed, crooked, too wide, and too narrow.

The typical modifications requested by patients are removing the hump, improving the nose asymmetry or crookedness, correcting pointed nasal tip, narrowing nasal width, increasing or decreasing the overall size of the nose, and reducing the size of the nostrils.

Do I have reasonable expectations?

Rhinoplasty is a complex and difficult surgery having been performed since ancient times. Before rhinoplasty or any other surgeries, it is important to know what expectations you have. For example, you cannot show a picture of a nose to your surgeon and ask him to reshape your nose to be like that. Every person’s nose is unique and provide specific facilities. If the inputs of the surgery are not equal, you cannot expect the same outputs. For example, the thickness of the skin is high in some people, making it difficult for the surgeon to easily apply the skin to the new nasal structure. To clarify this, let's first explain a little about the process of nose surgery.

Surgeons often perform open rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty or external rhinoplasty, one very small incision is made between the nostrils on the base of the nose. This incision allows surgeons access to the tip of the nose, which can be opened to reveal the structures of the lower and middle third of the nose. Once the desired changes are applied to the nose, the surgeon lowers the skin and sutures the incisions. Now, if the nasal skin is too tick, it would be hard to place the skin on the new nasal structure so that the surgeon can apply fewer changes for people with thick nasal skin. In another example, some people ask their surgeon to make their nose too much small and ask for a doll's nose. These people should consider that making the nose too small can make the nasal airways too small, which can cause breathing problems. With that said, with a little study of rhinoplasty, you can have reasonable expectations from your surgeon.

Do I have time for complete recovery?

One of the important factors to consider before deciding on a rhinoplasty is whether you have enough time for the postoperative recovery period. You should not have surgery when you are going on a trip next week or when you have a business meeting in the week after surgery. You need to take off from work for a while, reduce your routine activities, and have enough rest. After a rhinoplasty, you might experience a little pain, some bruising, and swelling. For example, do not bend or lift heavyweights. Also, avoid running, cycling and aerobic exercise for several days. Also, an exercise that involves physical contact needs to be avoided for several months for the nose bone to recover.

Before booking a rhinoplasty, consider the mentioned factors. Rhinoplasty recovery tips are as important as the surgeon’s skill and can affect your surgery result.

Am I ready to look different?

Some people do not consider that changing the nose can make their whole face looks different and may be shocked after seeing the results. Getting used to the new face may need some time. If you are worried about your new look, talk about it with your surgeon.

Today, by using 3D scanning, your surgeon can show you how your face will nearly look like after rhinoplasty. You can see your after surgery result from every angle and close to reality and make better decisions.

Is my surgeon expert enough?

The surgeon’s skill is one of the most important factors in the success of nose surgery. A good surgeon can minimize the side effects and complications of the surgery, so you must choose a reliable surgeon. The best way to choose the right surgeon is to discuss your wishes and expectations with the surgeons you meet and find out which one better understands and fulfills your wishes. At this point, of course, pay attention to the reasonableness of your wishes.

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