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Tarah Teb Cosmetic Surgery Consulting Center

First cosmetic surgery consulting center in the world with more than 35 experienced experts, 8 engineers and 8 professional plastic surgeon and (E.N.T.) specialists are doing different kinds of cosmetic surgeries by mean of most advanced and modern technologies. In this center your face will be designed in 3D and you could consult with 8 professional surgeons of this center and each surgeon by its own technic will design your after surgery face so you will make best decision before your surgery . Also for more accuracy in operation to be ensure that surgeon remember what he promised to you we use surgical guides and statues which are designed base on your ideal face shape during the surgery to check the differences between surgical guides and your nose to achieve contemplated shape and help him to control surgery procedure. All purpose of this center is to provide good services to help you to decide better in one of the most crucial decisions of your life.


Use of surgical guides helps the surgeons to reduce Rhinoplasty errors.

Face Analysis

with this modern technology and equipment we could have the most accurate face analyses base on face golden ratio to achieve best changes.

Maxillofacial Surgery

simulation of damaged tissues and doing the surgery virtually helps the surgeons a lot.

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