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Tarah Teb Cosmetic Surgery Consulting Center

Tarahteb company was founded in 2014 to improve the quality of cosmetic surgeries, including rhinoplasty. This company has been able to patent surgical guides, and provide 3D scanning services before cosmetic surgery, with the help of a great number of physicians and engineers. 3D scanning services allow applicants to see the result of their cosmetic surgery before surgery. Using surgical guides during the surgical procedure, also, increases the accuracy and quality of the surgery, and it makes the applicant's desire to appear more likely as a result of plastic surgery. It should be noted that Tarahteb company continues its research to improve the quality of cosmetic surgery, and its research and development team has achieved further achievements in this field.


Producing surgical guides by 3D printer Based on the applicant-approved nose design

Face Analysis

Analyzing the 3D model of the face based on golden ratios and identifying the required facial changes using the most advanced technology

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Rhinoplasty Consultation

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