Nose 3D design before surgery

طراحی بینی قبل از عمل

Rhinoplasty, like other plastic surgeries, can be frustrating. Some dissatisfactions are due to appearance problems caused by the lack of understanding between the doctor and the applicant. To solve this problem and for better clarification, it is best to use visual information so that the surgeon and the applicant can understand each other better.

Many surgeons claim that the surgery results cannot be shown by images before surgery. Although it is not determined how the nose looks like until the nose underwent rhinoplasty, providing visual information and understanding the applicant's wishes help the surgeon implement the applicant’s desired changes when possible.

The purpose of this article is to introduce a new pre-surgery nose design technique that can be used to increase the accuracy and speed of the surgery.

Rhinoplasty consultation

Usually, people only perform nose surgery once in their lifetime, so they have no previous experience and insufficient information. It is best to consult with someone who is experienced in rhinoplasty or to study about nose job before attempting this surgery. This information will help you choose a good doctor for your rhinoplasty more easily. You need to have consultation sessions with different doctors before choosing a surgeon for your rhinoplasty.

At the consultation session, the doctor examines your nose, for example, evaluating the deviation of the nose, the thickness of the skin, and the tip of the nose. He then asks about your medical records and breathing problems to determine if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty. You can then put forward your needs and state the nose problems that you want to address. Next, depending on the structure of your nose, the doctor will tell you how many of your wishes can be fulfilled.

At this point, the doctor may not understand your wishes, or you may not understand what the doctor is saying about the amount of changes. Providing visual information and nose design in these situations can help you make better decisions. As the surgeon performs multiple operations a day, using visual information during surgery will help him not forget the applicant's wishes and desires.

طراحی بینی قبل از جراحی

How is nose 3D design before rhinoplasty?

Some surgeons use Photoshop to make changes to the applicant's image more clearly to show him what his nose will look like after surgery. Using this method can help to develop mutual understanding, but is still not complete enough to resolve the problems mentioned.

A newer approach is 3D scanning and surgical guides. For this purpose, before the consultation session, different angles of the applicant's face were photographed, and then a 3D model of the applicant’s face is made through software. At the consultation session, the physician, after a clinical examination and hearing the patient's wishes, applies the applicable changes to the 3D model of the nose, and the applicant can comment further and make a decision based on the final design.

مرحله چهارم جراحی بینی با قالب کنترلی

If the final design is approved by the applicant, the software compares the initial 3D model with the final design, and a series of analyzes are obtained. For example, the software specifies how much the tip of the nose should rise or how much the bridge of the nose should be arched. Next, based on the final nose design, a series of surgical guides are made by 3D printers that are used during surgery. These guides have different types, each of which is used to measure changes in a specific area of the nose. Rhinoplasty with 3D scanning and surgical guides are more precise, and in this method, the momentary decisions of the surgeons based on his tastes are prevented.

زیبایی شناسی در طراحی بینی قبل از عمل

Aesthetics in pre-surgery nose design

In rhinoplasty, the surgeon must be familiar with aesthetics in addition to having a high level of surgical and medical skills. A beautiful nose also fits in with other facial features. For example, in a long face, a short and small nose disrupts the fit of the facial components.

Maybe we have met different people who look beautiful and do not know what the secret of their beauty is? We may not notice a particular beauty when we examine their facial components separately. Usually, the secret of their beauty is that their face components follow golden ratios. Using this method, the nose will be proportional to other facial components after the surgery. In this way, the applicant can see his post-surgery face in 3D and close to reality.

Which nose form is suitable for me?

Sometimes people have some requests from their doctor that are not appropriate for them. For example, they may ask their surgeon to reduce the width of their nose, but in practice, when this happens, they may not be satisfied with the appearance of their nose. Nose 3D design is really helpful in preventing these kinds of problems. Using 3D scanning technology, the applicant can test different nose forms on his/her 3D model to determine which form is best for him/her.

rhinoplasty before after photo

Rhinoplasty before after photos

To make a better decision, ask your surgeon to show his rhinoplasty samples, which are similar to your nose, to be more familiar with his skill. You can even ask him to show you the pre-surgery design to compare with the post-surgery results and find out how much the doctor has implemented the applicant’s desired changes.

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