Rhinoplasty in Tehran

جراحی بینی در تهران

Most of the people who want to do rhinoplasty, prefer to do their surgery in Tehran. Even people who live in distant cities or countries despite problems like displacement or residence, prefer to carry out their surgery in Tehran. There are several reasons for this topic which will be discussed in this article.

Advantages of rhinoplasty in Tehran

1. There are several surgeons for rhinoplasty in Tehran, and you can easily have consultation sessions with them and see their work samples. In addition, the high number of surgeons creates competition among them, so that they will provide better services in order to attract patients.
2. Mostly, the clinics of the best surgeons are in the capital.
3. Clinics and hospitals have better facilities in Tehran.
4. In Tehran, three-dimensional scan services are provided, and people can see the result of their surgery before they go through rhinoplasty.
5. In Tehran, surgical guide services are provided, so that during rhinoplasty, the surgeon forces to apply the changes that he promised to the applicant in the consultation session.

The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran

One of the most important stages before rhinoplasty in Tehran is the selection of surgeon, which can have an important impact on surgery result. In order to choose a surgeon, the following factors should be considered:

1. The surgeon should have a privileged education in the related field of study.
2. He uses new techniques to minimize the patient’s wounds and injuries and reduces the duration of recovery after surgery.
3. He should have successful work samples and experience in rhinoplasty. It should be noted that a surgeon may be an expert for bony nose surgery, but he did not have successful sample works for meaty noses. You should make sure that your chosen surgeon has a successful history for your nose type.
4. He should be able to solve patients’ respiratory problems during surgery, and for those who have not had such problems, maintain their proper respiratory function. This can be understood through conversation with people who had surgery with him.
5. He should give the applicant enough time in the consultation session, and consider the applicant’s desires if they are applicable during surgery.

بهترین مرکز جراحی بینی

The best rhinoplasty center in Tehran

In a good surgical center, patients are important, and all the tasks and efforts are for patients’ convenience and satisfaction. In order to select a surgical center, it is best to choose a place that works with a collection of nasal surgeons because in this case in one place you can consult with many surgeons and have better insight for surgery.

Also, you should consider how much time passed since the start date of the center because when a center has started its work for a long time, have a better ability to provide applicants’ needs.

Also, in the best rhinoplasty center, novel technologies are being used in order to increase patients’ satisfaction.

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