Important tips before and after rhinoplasty

توصیه های مهم قبل و بعد از عمل جراحی بینی

Important tips before rhinoplasty

1. If you are using a specific medication, be sure to inform us before surgery. Even using herbal medicines, vitamins and birth control pills can be important. Many of these medications might increase bleeding by diluting blood during and after surgery. Also, birth control pills can increase the risk of blood clots in blood vessels or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
2. You should let us know whether you had previous illnesses. Even a simple cold before surgery may increase the side effects of surgery or anesthesia. Records of family or inherent diseases are also important for us. By detecting disease before surgery, we may become able to reduce the side effects of anesthesia.
3. Smoking can have negative effects on the result of rhinoplasty, and increase the side effects of anesthesia. If you are not able to quit smoking, you should at least stop smoking from three weeks before surgery to one month after it.
4. It is required that patients do not eat or drink from 6 hours before surgery and arrive at the clinic at the appointed time. They should bring their ID card and hospitalization documents with themselves.
5. Have someone drive you to your surgery and make certain a responsible adult will be available to take you home and stay with you for 24 hours.
6. It is necessary for women to be without jewelry, nail polish, and makeup. Likewise, men should shave their beard and mustache and remove their nasal hair.
7. If women experience their menses, they should inform us to postpone their surgery because it is impossible for them to go through rhinoplasty

Important tips after rhinoplasty

1. After completion of surgery you would be transferred to the recovery room, and after being alert you will be transferred to wards. About six hours after surgery, you can be discharged from the hospital and go home.
2. We advise patients to sleep on their backs with their head elevated by pillows, use cold compress around the eyes and nose, and limit their physical activity and speaking at least until 48 hours after rhinoplasty to reduce swelling.
3. Patients should avoid exercising, sexual activity, and lifting heavy things until four weeks after surgery. Also, diving is forbidden until one year after surgery.
4. After rhinoplasty, avoid heavy sports activities because it is possible that your nose gets hurt in such activities.
5. Eating milk and juice is recommended in the first 24 hours after surgery, and then gradually mix the food and then eat regular foods. Avoid eating foods that need to be chewed a lot for one weak.
6. The use of prescribed medicines from the first night after rhinoplasty is mandatory. Be careful not to take medications with an empty stomach.
7. During the first two weeks, due to the swelling and secretion of the nose, it can be difficult to breathe from the nose, but breathing would be better by washing the nose or doing suction.
8. Do not squeeze your nose until one month after your surgery. Nasal discharge can be removed by an earpick from the nose opening. Do not push the earpick in your nose because it may damage nasal mucus, and cause bleeding.
9. Keep your wound clean and clear clots and secretions from it.
10. The time for removing the nasal plaster is 6 to 7 days after rhinoplasty, and in this period you should not wet your plaster. Before going to the clinic in order to remove your plaster, you should take a shower. If the plaster removes under the shower, do not worry and go to the clinic.
11. Please before coming to the clinic, check the appointment with the secretary.
12. Having some bloody secretions are normal until a few days after rhinoplasty, but in order to stop these secretions, you can pour five drops of phenylephrine nasal drops or Nephazoline onto a small piece of cotton, roll the cotton and slowly enter it into your nostril, and remove it after five minutes.
13. The possibility of bleeding is low for our patients. Nonetheless, if you have excessive bleeding, call us or go to emergency section of the clinic which is open 24 hours a day.
14. If you put pressure on yourself, do not use cold compress, or speak a lot, under your eyes and around your nose may be bruised.
15. There is no need for complete (bed) rest, and you can sit or walk.
16. Using cold humidifier can ease your breathing, especially at nights.
17. It should be noted that every nose swells after rhinoplasty and it would take time to heal. The healing time can be different based on the patient’s skin type and also how much patient follows our recommendation. In two or three weeks after surgery, nose inflammation is at its highest. The inflammation of nose tip is more than other parts, and it requires more time to heal.
18. Replacing nose adhesive tape correctly and in time helps to reduce inflammation, but it does not have any effect on the final form of the nose.
19. Although in the early days after rhinoplasty the nasal plaster may seem slightly tilted, it is natural and you should not become concerned.
20. You should be really careful that after your surgery, especially in early weeks, nothing hits your nose.
21. Try to sleep in supine position until two weeks after your surgery.
22. Given that the nose structure and techniques exploited by surgeons are different for each person, so that for taking medication, taping, nasal massaging, and etc. do not follow your friends’ advice or information on the internet, and just follow your physician’s recommendations.

Medication instruction

1. Take Cephalexin capsules every six hours, Novafen capsule every 8 hours (if you have pain), and if you have been prescribed cold tablet instead of Novafen, take it every 6 hours.
2. Use phenylephrine drops every 8 hours for three days, carry out intra-nasal washing with serum at least every 8 hours. Grease your wounds and nose with an ointment every night.
3. Note that if your surgeon prescribes any medicine, including pills, ointments, and drops, use them based on his/her instruction.

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