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wide nose surgery

Does your wide nose bother you? The nose may seem wide for several reasons. For many people, the low height of the nose bridge can make the nose look wider. This feature is hereditary and is more common in some ethnicities. In some cases, unsuccessful nose surgery can cause the nose to become wider. Whether you have a genetic problem or a bad nose job, you can only make your nose thinner by undergoing rhinoplasty.

In this article, wide nose rhinoplasty and other related issues are discussed.

How can a wide nose be modified?

The nasal bone at the tip of the nose forms a pyramidal structure. This bony nasal pyramid creates the general shape of your nose. In order to change the shape of the nose and to make it narrower, it is necessary to break the bone into smaller pieces. In wide nose rhinoplasty, the surgeon often performs an osteotomy through which he/she makes some incisions in the upper portion of the nasal bone and pushing the pieces inwards to make a thinner appearance.

There are two common methods for nasal bone osteotomy: the medial approach and the lateral approach. In practice, a wide nose usually uses both methods to narrow the appearance of the nose. In the medial approach, small fractures occur in the upper middle part of the nose, while the lateral approach focuses on the more elongated part of the outer part of the bone.

After making small fractures in the nasal bone, the surgeon will be able to create a narrower structure by moving the parts closer together. You might think that breaking the nose is a very rough procedure, but keep in mind that these fractures and cuts are very delicate. If you choose a good surgeon for your wide nose, there is no need to worry about the osteotomy process.

There are some limitations to reduce the width of the nose when there is a septum deviation. In this case, the surgeon should perform septoplasty simultaneously for wide nose rhinoplasty.

It is commonly assumed that if the external structure of the nose is wide, the inner structure of the nose is also wide. But this is not true. The internal structure of the nose is different from the external structure, and the shape of the nose cannot determine the internal structure. Therefore, it should be noted that the nasal airway does not shrink by reducing the width of the nose, as shrinkage can cause nasal congestion and other respiratory problems.

Sometimes the nasal tip is wide, so-called bulbous nose, and easily corrected with a rhinoplasty. Narrowing a wide nose can improve the overall shape of the nose. Sometimes the size of the alar part can cause a flat nose. In this case, alar reduction alone without the need for a complete surgery can make the nose more beautiful.

Before surgery, it is advisable to plan carefully for your changes with the chosen surgeon to maximize your satisfaction with the surgery.

زیبایی شناسی در عمل بینی پهن

Aesthetics in the wide nose rhinoplasty

For wide nose surgery, it is important to consider how narrow the nose should be? A small, narrow nose may not be suitable for all faces. In addition to making the nose more beautiful, surgery also enhances the beauty of the face, so that the nose needs to be changed to fit the other facial features. To this end, the surgeon must be familiar with art and aesthetics in addition to medical skill.

For the nose to fit the other facial components, the nose should have the width of one-fifth of the face and equal to the distance between eyes. This also applies to the height of the nose, so that in a long face, the nose height should be proportional to the face and should not be greatly reduced.

Recovery after a wide nose surgery

After the surgery, a splint will be placed on your nose to prevent the nasal bone from moving and the bone to be welded to the appropriate location. The nasal splint is removed after one week, but this does not mean that the bone is fully repaired. It takes nearly 2 months to complete bone healing. During this time, post-operative care must be taken seriously.

During the recovery period, be in contact with your surgeon to control the surgical side effects. The post-surgical recovery strategy is another factor to consider when choosing a surgeon. The post-surgical recovery strategy is another factor to consider when choosing a surgeon. For example, if your surgeon has weekly scheduled appointments after surgery, it is a good sign, but if the surgeon does not have a specific plan for after surgery, it is best to seek another doctor for your operation.

before after wide nose surgery

Before and after photos of wide nose rhinoplasty

Before choosing a surgeon, make sure that the surgeon in question has a successful portfolio of wide nose surgery. The best way to make sure of this is to check before and after photos that are usually available on the doctor’s website. You can find Tarahteb’s before and after photos in the photo gallery. Look for similar noses to your nose to make sure of the surgeon’s skill in wide nose rhinoplasty.

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